South Asia

God has been doing a mighty work in South Asia (we cannot be specific about the location for the safety of the people). According to recent estimates, approximately 3% of people in the area we are working in claim to be Christians. The dominant religions there are Buddhism, Hinduism and a splash of Muslim; and there is much persecution in these areas. In fact, we have learned that it is against the law to try to convert anyone to your religion. We are currently working with a number of pastors there to implement strategic efforts to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. One of those efforts is opening an orphanage specifically targeting the abandoned children of temple prostitutes. Other efforts include teaching sewing classes, computer classes, and music classes for free, and beginning each class with a prayer to God and stating that God has made possible the classes. These things have already begun and are already seeing many people interested in the gospel!! In the gallery to the right, you will see pictures of some of these efforts (including street ministry and distributing Bibles in the native languages). 

"Have thy tools ready. God will find thee work."
Charles Kingsley

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

In 2009, Christian Aid For the Caribbean (CAFC) started a ministry in St. Vincent, feeding the underprivileged children and helping them with educational expenses. In 2017 that ministry asked to become a part of our organization. We agreed, and we have been thrilled with the way God has been working there and what God is continuing to do there. In St. Vincent, many people claim the religion of Christianity, but they don't know what it means to follow Christ. So, in addition to helping feed underprivileged children, we are implementing discipleship programs to help the people there learn to follow Christ. 

Biblical Counseling


"His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness." ~ 2 Peter 1:3

According to this verse, God has given to us all things [in the scriptures] pertaining to life and godliness. I cannot think of a single thing that a person would go to a counselor for that does not pertain to either life or godliness.

Therefore, we use scripture alone (sola scriptura) for counseling individuals and families. There is no charge for counseling services. So, if you are in need of counseling, please contact us.

Praise & Worship Ministry


We are passionate about leading God's people in praise and worship before God Almighty (YHWH by name). We don't want to just present words and music. Our desire and goal is to lead people in pouring their hearts out to God and inviting His presence into the room and into people's lives to bring about change. Worship is not just about the words we sing, but about a life surrendered and dedicated to God.

If you would like for us to come and lead Praise and Worship for your assembly or if you would like for us to come and work with your current worship ministry, please contact us.



Discipleship is designed to be an introduction to certain disciplines and a solid foundation in following Christ. It is a one-on-one journey through seeing the scriptures as a big picture. there will be an introduction to the major doctrines that are important; there will be discussion on minor doctrines (but no forcing); and then there will be discussions on defending the faith. Throughout the process, there will be an on-going dialogue regarding the person's life, character, and faith. there is no timeline because a person will develop at their own pace.

Pastoral/Leader Care


Pastors and Church Leaders have such a heavy responsibility on their shoulders, and often they go unappreciated in their sphere of ministry. We come alongside pastors and other church leaders to encourage them, help them, and even offer a fresh perspective on some of the difficult situations they have in the church. We do not make any pretenses of trying to tell them how to run their church. In fact, it is God's church that is to be run; but we do offer counsel and assistance where we can, and where we can't we try to at least encourage with the love of the Lord. If you are or know of a pastor or church leader who can use this kind of help, please contact us. We are kingdom-minded and love helping other brothers and sisters in the church.

Gifts & Callings


Every human being born on the face of this earth was born with a purpose: a calling. Whenever that person accepts Christ and is born again, they receive certain gifts that will serve them as they walk in their calling. And until a person discovers and begins walking in their calling and growing in their gifts, they will often feel anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.

"Repent" is a military term for when the Roman empire changed Caesars. The Roman soldiers would have to "repent": stop what they are doing, leave their post, and return to Rome for their new marching orders. When the gospel is preached to us, we are called to "repent," but what happens too often these days is that people will (sometimes) stop living the sinful lifestyles, leave their past sins at the cross, but they never return to God to get their new marching orders (i.e. their calling). The orders were issued (by God) but never received (by the individual).

One of our greatest passions is helping people discover their new marching orders (calling), show them the tools (gifts) they will need, help them prepare for their calling, and help them learn how to use their gifts.

Ministry Consultation


Any good writer knows that at some point he or she will get what is called "writer's block," where you cannot think of the next step in your writing and you need a fresh perspective. Well, just about anyone who has pastored a church or led a ministry knows that the same basic thing happens to church/ministry leaders from time to time. God, through you and your team, has brought the ministry this far, but now it seems as though there is a rut that the ministry cannot seem to get out of.

This is what I like to call a "power problem." Whenever someone has an electrical power problem, they call in someone who is trained and equipped to identify electrical continuity problems and fix them. Similarly, when we start talking about spiritual power problems, you need to call in someone who is trained and equipped to identify areas that need improvement (objectively of course), areas where there is a problem, and areas where things just need time (sometimes it is easy for leaders to get impatient).

Over the past several years, God has been training and equipping my wife and I for just that (and no, I am not talking about practicing being critical of other ministries). God has shown us various things that suck the power and life out of a church as well as how to identify things that simply need improvement, and how to develop a plan of action to overcome obstacles in making those changes. Some problems are fixed by time and prayer. Other problems must be fixed through a plan of action. Either way, a fresh perspective is needed. And if your ministry is in that position, we would feel blessed and privileged to come help you.


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