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New South Asia Missions!

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

We are so excited to be supporting Pastor Prabhu's Church in South Asia (we cannot be specific about the location for the safety of the people). Only about 3% of the population where we are engaged in mission work over there claims to be Christian. But Pastor Prabhu is making huge strides in advancing the gospel over there. Currently he and his staff are offering FREE sewing, computer, and music classes to the community. Every class begins with a Christian prayer and the classes promote the gospel. They are generating a lot of interest in the area about Christ! He also conducts outreaches in outlying villages, presenting the gospel to people and inviting them to follow Christ!

We are currently working with Pastor Prabhu on 3 more major evangelistic initiatives!

1. An Orphan Care Facility. All of the paperwork has been done to lay the foundation for this wonderful ministry! One of the major problems in the area is that of temple prostitutes. These women often have babies, but then abandon them to survive on the streets. The Lord has placed it on Pastor Prabhu to set up a place for these children to be housed and to learn about the Lord Jesus! But he needs to purchase land and a building in order to be able to operate this ministry. Please pray about helping us with this! We need your help.

2. Pastoral Training. As Pastor Prabhu has conducted the outreaches, he has found many pastors in the outlying villages who are having a lack of success with the gospel due to a lack of training in how to be an effective minister. They are eager for Pastor Prabhu to come out and train them regarding their ministries and how to successfully present the gospel. We are working with Pastor Prabhu on developing this training and helping to equip these other pastors. He also needs help with expenses to travel to these remote villages. With your support, he can bring this needed training to those pastors and further advance the Kingdom of God!

3. Church Planting. With over 150 members in his church, Pastor Prabhu is in the process of training up the church members to become pastors and plant churches in the villages that currently do not have churches. It is not like here in the United States, where there is a church in nearly every town. They need churches to be planted. Again, we are working with Pastor Prabhu on developing strategies and developing ministers to run these church plants. Currently, there is a plan to do monthly training sessions with these pastors.

All of this is so very exciting, and while we are waiting and trusting in the Lord for the provision for all these things, we need your help to accomplish these things. YOU can truly make a difference in the world and help to advance the gospel in South Asia! Please consider becoming a monthly partner with us. Any amount monthly can greatly help with these things!

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