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Building the School in Sierra Leone

Since around August last year, we have been financing the building of a school in Sierra Leone, Africa. This school will be the first of its kind: a free Christian school, operated through the support of people like you. Below we have some pictures of the different phases of building the school (you can see how one is built without power tools)!

These are pictures of preparing the foundation.

Now that the foundation has been prepared, they start digging!

Once they got done digging, they started building the walls:

Once the walls were built, time to begin the roof. They can't just go down to Lowe's and pick up some lumber, here's how they get their boards:

Now comes the roofing part!

The last few things the building needs is the Zinc (tin) for the roof, plaster and paint for the walls, and paved floors...then furniture! We need your help to do this. Please go to our Support The Cause page and make a donation now. And we thank you for your support of this ministry.

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