Whenever we give anything of our time, money, resources or efforts, we want to know that it means something. We want to know that what we gave was not wasted and that it accomplished something good. Well, on this page we want to show you what your efforts and resources are doing!

Built A School in Africa

They requested it, we agreed to it, our donors provided the funds, and here we have it! This school was built in Sierra Leone, Africa among a cluster of poor villages with extremely limited access to resources (no electricity and no public water). For as long as these villages have been established, illiteracy has been a major problem because parents couldn't afford to send their children to school. Now, they have a school that is free to the children (a secondary school is offered for a small fee). A HUGE thank you to all who donated to make this happen!

St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Some efforts cannot simply be contained in quantitative terms like the school pictured above, but literally hundreds of children in these islands are receiving food where otherwise they would be starving, all due to the efforts of our donors! Without quantitative results, it is easy to overlook the accomplishments made in this area, but the ministries down there have begun doing discipleship and Christian training for the children there. One of the biggest problems in this area has been "being Christian in name only" (as one native put it). So, discipleship has begun down there, and is currently going on, to promote growing in relationship with God! God is having tremendous successes down there!

Reaching South Asia With The Gospel

Recently, we have starting working with Pastor Prabhu in South Asia. We have been developing a number of great programs with him in his area for the advancement of the Gospel. Below, you will see some pictures of the work down there, but the pictures don't tell the whole story. He recently went to a remote village, spoke with a group of 80 pagan people, and 70 of them received Christ as their Lord and savior! He has also opened up sewing lessons as well as computer lessons FREE to the community, and each of those lessons begin with a Christian prayer in order to lead them to Christ (please see the program details for why). 


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